North Parramatta Physiotherapy prides itself on its highly qualified, friendly and experienced staff that enjoy working as a team to ensure high quality assessment, diagnosis and treatment. All our staff are registered with the NSW Physiotherapy Registration Board, are members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and are registered to provide care to patients who are entitled to treatment under the WorkCover Scheme, Third Party Scheme, The Department of Veterans Affairs and Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Scheme.

Peter Knapman

Peter Knapman

Peter Knapman completed his Physiotherapy degree in 1981, and after hospital work, completed his post graduate diploma in Sports Sciences in 1992. He set up work in Private Practice in 1987. Currently the team physio for the Parramatta Eels Toyota Cup players, Peter has always had an interest in sports injuries and has covered many teams including the Youth Socceroos, Parramatta Eels, Wentworthville Metropolitan Cup, Parramatta and Dundas Rugby Union and Parramatta Eagles soccer. Due to his involvement at Westfield Sports High, Peter is particularly interested in managing and treating elite athletes as well as diagnosing and treating the developing athlete. Peter has completed his level 3 Sports course and continues to strive to optimise performance whether his clients are elite sports people or the general community.

Mary Knapman

Mary Knapman

Mary Knapman graduated from Sydney University in 1984 and after 4 years of hospital and private practice work, set up in Practice with her husband Peter. She has worked in the practice ever since with short periods off to have 3 children. She has completed the course for the McKenzie method of treating spines and passed the credentialing examination. She has a special interest in treating backs and necks and showing people how to look after their backs to prevent further episodes. She is passionate about using exercise in the rehabilitation of injuries, as well as in improving the quality of life for those with chronic conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis. She and Peter have always had as their goal providing quality care in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Vanessa Barnes

Vanessa Barnes

Vanessa completed her Physiotherapy degree in 2002. With a prior degree in Psychology, Vanessa was drawn to Physiotherapy by a keen interest in both sporting and non-sporting injuries. Vanessa is a registered Dance Teacher and has a special interest in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of dance related injuries and dance teacher education. Vanessa regularly attends ongoing professional development, which has included courses on McKenzie Method, Sports and Dance physiotherapy, overuse injuries and other non sports related injuries. Vanessa has provided physiotherapy coverage to Wentworthville Rugby League, Dundas Valley Rugby, Parramatta Power and Melita Soccer teams and the Western Australian Ballet. Vanessa is enthusiastic and committed to providing quality care and education to all her patients.

Physiotherapist Samantha

Samantha Jakelic

Sam completed her physiotherapy degree at Sydney University in 2008. She initially worked in the public hospital system at Westmead Childrens’ Hospital before commencing in private practice. She has a special interest in moving patients from the acute pain setting to a return to exercise, and achieving their goals. This is particularly useful when treating spinal conditions.Her rehabilitation skills extend to dance, where as a former dancer herself, she understands the importance of preventing injuries, as well as providing alternative activities to maintain fitness, strength and flexibility when an injury occurs.

Maintaining her exercise focus, Sam runs our clinical Pilates classes and conducts our individual Pilates sessions. She is passionate about Pilates providing a great way for her patients to improve strength, stability and preventing recurrence of injury.

Physiotherapist Simon

Simon Catliffe

Simon has completed a Bachelor of Medical Science and Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney. Simon has worked as a Physiotherapist in the public and private hospital systems, as well as in private practice. Simon has also worked as an Injury Management Advisor for a workers compensation insurance company, as well as a Senior Consultant for an occupational rehabilitation provider. Simon’s broad experience in the healthcare industry has served him well in establishing a reputation for providing the highest quality care for his injured patients, from the elite or aspiring athlete through to the busy worker, parent or student.

Simon has a keen interest in baseball and the rugby codes, along with treating injuries to the lower back, neck and shoulder stemming from participation in sporting activities, as well as from within the workplace (occupational injuries).

Simon is the current physiotherapist for the Wentworthville District Rugby League Football Club NSW Cup (Parramatta Eels Reserve Grade) and Ron Massey Cup teams. Simon is also trained in the area of dry needling (Western acupuncture)

Physiotherapist TIm

Tim Cathers

Tim completed his physiotherapy degree in 2011. He worked in the public hospital system treating a range of conditions from acute care to rehab. Tim trained in the McKenzie method of physiotherapy over two years and became a credentialled therapist in 2013. He has a particular interest in treating low back and neck pain, focusing on empowering his patients to self-manage and move well.

He also has an interest in treating sporting injuries and helping players improve performance. Being a triathlete himself, Tim enjoys running a speed, agility and quickness program (Fast feet) twice a week. This focuses on enabling the injured athlete to return to sport with reduced chance of re-injury and improved performance. He enjoys seeing the hard work of rehab translate to meaningful activities from the elite athlete to the ‘everyday mover’.

Margaret Cutland

Office Managers

Kim Hellens and Amanda Iannello are happy to assist with your appointments and enquiries either over the phone or in person. Their personal attention and professionalism ensure all issues related to your physiotherapy visit are taken care of. They can usually arrange an appointment for you within 24 hours.