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Physiotherapy Treatment Parramatta


What conditions do physiotherapists at North Parramatta Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Centre Treat?

North Parramatta Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries deliver premium physiotherapy treatments to restore your movement, function and strength for optimal performance and lasting recovery.

Our experienced physiotherapists treat people of all ages and fitness levels with a variety of injuries and health conditions. The list of complaints our physiotherapists can help you with include but are not limited to:

Our physiotherapy staff  are dedicated to providing quality treatment and have a strong commitment to improving and enhancing their skills. Staff regularly update their skills and knowledge attending lectures, courses and conferences and are trained in many different treatment modalities and methods.


The Physiotherapy and Exercise Science Combination

The traditional focus of physiotherapy is to remove pain and restore healthy, functional movement. At North Parramatta Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries we take it to the next step. We are highly trained to assess and diagnose musculoskeletal problems and treat the underlying causes of the pain and dysfunction. We then take it to the next level to establish power strength and endurance in all your movements to help you eliminate the causative factors that created your injury.

We do this through precise exercise prescription with the express focus of improving your performance so you can move and enjoy life to a greater degree specific to the demands you place on your body whether you are recovering from an injury or disease or an elite athlete looking for the edge. Our physiotherapy, Pilates and sports conditioning trained therapists understand the graded levels of exercise required to deliver an elite service from junior athletes through to elite levels. This gives us the edge in understanding exercise science application and how to maximise treatment options so you obtain the most favourable outcomes.


Workers Compensation

All physiotherapists at North Parramatta Physiotherapy are WorkCover accredited therapists who regularly treat and manage Workers Compensation injuries. Managing your work related injury can also include assessing your workplace ergonomics and posture. Patients are welcome to ask the physiotherapist about issues relating to the Workers Compensation process that may sometimes seem confusing. The physiotherapist is ideally positioned in the allied health field to refer clients on to other services as part of their rehabilitation such as, psychology, dietician and gym-based programmes.


Return to work

Our practice is also interested in directly assisting in the return to work process working as consultants to the Hills street group.

They are able to perform;



For a healthy fit and fulfilling life do not hesitate to give one of our friendly staff members a call on 9890 2444 for North Parramatta or 9604 3122 for Westfields Sports High School. We look forward to seeing you soon.