Sports Physiotherapy


Sports Injuries & Enhancing Sporting Performance

Whether you’re a professional sports person or just someone who likes to get out there and have fun, we’ll work with you to get your body to full functioning capacity so that you can perform at your best with no pain. Having your body work to its fullest capacity is our most important goal.


Treating sports injuries and improving sports performance  

North Parramatta Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries offers services that will treat your injury and then you’ll have the option to take advantage of the sports specific strength and conditioning service to help you improve your sports performance.


Improving Sports Performance 

At North Parramatta Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic, we can prescribe a range of approaches to improve your overall performance. Apart from focussed and targeted physiotherapy to help you be your best at your chosen field, we can also help you with customised exercise programmes through our sporting improvement programs
or clinical Pilates delivered by highly trained professionals to improve your sports outcome.


Individualised Physiotherapy Programmes

Individualised physiotherapy treatment plans are based on developing power, acceleration, strength and endurance. Your plan will be developed around our findings based upon

Specific focussed individualised strengthening and flexibility will improve your overall resilience and help you to avoid future injuries. However, if you do get injured, our physiotherapists and sports strength and conditioning service will help you to recover faster from the injury.


Strength & Conditioning

Our physiotherapy team are trained in the advanced sports strength and conditioning techniques and programs so that we can maximise your recovery from injury and ensure you are fully prepared when you take the field again.


Speed, Agility and Quickness Development (SAQ)

The common denominator that elite performers have in the majority of team sports played on land is speed, agility and quickness off the mark (SAQ). The biomechanics, movement patterns and quality of movement to achieve optimal SAQ are trainable regardless of your age or experience. What was once only found in elite professional sporting teams is now available through North Parramatta Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries through our SAQ program. We run several SAQ programs a week to enhance performance but also to train poor movement mechanics that are leading to repetitive sports injuries. SAQ programs are also ideal as the intermediary step in transitioning the injured athlete back into competitive sport. SAQ programs are common feature in elite professional sports organisations and now through North Parramatta physiotherapy and sports injuries they are made available to you.


Clinical Pilates

Exercise sessions focus on increasing your body’s ‘core’ strength, overall dynamic movements and flexibility. It will provide greater delivery of power in your movement, correct breathing techniques allowing greater lung function, improved posture and body awareness and positioning in all your movements and sporting actions.


Sports Injuries Drop in Centre

To help with all those weekend injuries, we run a Sports Injuries drop in centre, from 5.30 to 7pm on a Monday. We perform 15 minute assessments to quickly determine the best course of action, and whether you need further tests (eg XRays), braces or further treatment.
The goal is to address the injuries quickly to minimise your down time and get you back to your sport more quickly.

To secure a time we take appointments, but you are welcome just to drop in.
Please feel free to ring and speak to our reception staff for further details.


For a healthy fit and fulfilling life do not hesitate to give one of our friendly staff members a call on 9890 2444 for North Parramatta or 9604 3122 for Westfields Sports High School. We look forward to seeing you soon.