Bounce Back Exercise Classes

We are pleased to announce North Parramatta Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries is now offering Bounce Back classes to help retain spinal strength, core muscles and movement, for a healthy back and neck. The innovative back excercise program will help you to move with confidence and control.

To make a booking or for more information please contact us on 9890 2444 or visit

  • BOUNCE BACK has been created after years of research in WHY sore backs and necks occur despite treatment and exercise programs.
  • The BOUNCE BACK program uses specific exercises to retain the control of core muscles.
    BOUNCE BACK is run as an 8 week term of one hour classes using gym balls and elastic bands to progressively improve spinal strength, co-ordination and balance.
  • Each BOUNCE BACK class is run by a specially trained physiotherapist and is limited to 8 participants to ensure close supervision.