Postural Assessments

Posture may be defined as the biomechanical alignment of body parts and the body’s orientation. While an “ideal “ posture is impossible to sustain in the long term, it is something that we should continue to strive towards, as “Poor form almost always causes an energy leak” ( Cook 2003)

Ideal posture has huge benefits to the body.

  1. It improves the efficiency and reduces the energy leakage of the postural muscles
  2. It reduces the biomechanical load on the muscles and ligaments and joint surfaces.

With our modern lifestyle, and long periods of sitting and looking down at phone screens, habitual postures can result in shortened and tight muscles which are invariably weak. Poor posture over a long period of pain can also cause pain. As our postural muscles are designed to hold us up at low loads for long periods of time, just like any muscles they need to be specifically retrained.

At North Parramatta Physiotherapy, we routinely perform Postural assessments using video analysis, to identify the main issues. This allows us to design a strengthening programme that is, specific to you, graded at an intensity that is appropriate, and progressed as you improve.

Postural assessment screening can be done as part of your treatment pathway once your initial pain has settled, or may be done at any time for anyone concerned about their posture.