Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Injuries & Enhancing Sporting Performance

Whether you’re a professional sports person or just someone who likes to get out there and have fun, we’ll work with you to get your body to full functioning capacity so that you can perform at your best with no pain. Having your body work to its fullest capacity is our most important goal.

Treating sports injuries and improving sports performance

North Parramatta Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries offers services that will treat your injury and then you’ll have the option to take advantage of the sports specific strength and conditioning service to help you improve your sports performance.

Improving Sports Performance

At North Parramatta Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic, we can prescribe a range of approaches to improve your overall performance. Apart from focussed and targeted physiotherapy to help you be your best at your chosen field, we can also help you with customised exercise programmes through our sporting improvement programs or Clinical Pilates delivered by highly trained professionals to improve your sports outcome.

Individualised Physiotherapy Programmes

Individualised physiotherapy treatment plans are based on developing power, acceleration, strength and endurance. Your plan will be developed around our findings based upon

  • Your particular sporting requirements
  • Weak areas which need improvement
  • Identifying poor movement patterns
  • Strengthening specific muscle groups to improve how you move
  • Recovery and regeneration time after injury.

Specific focussed individualised strengthening and flexibility will improve your overall resilience and help you to avoid future injuries. However, if you do get injured, our physiotherapists and sports strength and conditioning service will help you to recover faster from the injury.