• North Parramatta: 02 9890 2444
  • North Parramatta: 02 9890 2444

Welcome to the North Parramatta Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Centre

Our aim is to accurately assess and treat our clients using a three stage Pain to Performance approach.

Initially, we work to Resolve pain using manual therapy and exercise. When the pain has settled, we look at identifying the contributing factors, to help you Restore correct movement. Finally, we work with you to Improve your performance & ensure an optimal health outcome.more >>


Relieve pain fast &
start moving

Physiotherapy and Education
Manual Therapy
McKenzie Method Exercises/MDT to resolve pain
Soft tissue releases
Trigger Point Dry Needling


Instil good
movement patterns

Biomechanical analysis
Postural Screening
Core Stability training
Pre and Post Natal Strengthening and Functional Movement Screen (FMS)


Exceed your health &
performance goals

Functional Physio 60 (FP60)
Advanced FP60 (AFP60)
Revolution RunLab
Return To Sport (RTS)
The Performance Matrix (TPM)

Sports Physiotherapy

Whether you’re a professional sports person or just someone who likes to get out there and have fun.

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Functional Physiotherapy Programmes

Welcome to Functional Physiotherapy. We offer a unique environment.

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Running Lab

Our Revolution RunLab provides an exciting opportunity for those who love to run, or want to improve their running technique.

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Return to Sport

Our “Fast Feet” Course is a system of training that involves quick movements of the body in a pattern. Often following injury.

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Trigger Point Dry Needling

Myofascial trigger points are “hyperirritable Spots, usually within a taut band of skeletal muscle or the muscle’s fascia”.

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Pre & Post Natal Exercise

Remaining fit and active during and after pregnancy can be challenging, particularly if pain is an issue. Many women would like to exercise.

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Biomechanical Assessments

We have several biomechanical screening tests that we use as a part of your treatment pathway. We do the screening.

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Postural Assessments

Posture may be defined as the biomechanical alignment of body parts and the body’s orientation. While an “ideal “ posture.

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