Physiotherapy Classes

Physiotherapy Classes

Pilates Programmes

We are currently running the following pilates programmes.

  • Pilates – Move with strength, power, vitality and ease
  • Advanced Pilates – Progressing Clinical Pilates to more complex exercises and functional strengthening

For more information click here to visit our Pilates programmes page.

Return to Sport with our “Fast Feet” – Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) Class

Our “Fast Feet” Course is a system of training that involves quick movements of the body in a pattern.

Often following injury and rehabilitation, these movement patterns are poor.

Speed, Agility and quickness are skills that can be learnt through specific drills that improve the body/brain connection, and are part of a fun dynamic programme.

Classes run for an hour, Friday afternoon at 3:30


  • Improved performance – faster sprints, dynamic direction change, explosive take-offs
  • Reduced Injury Risk
  • Ideal for anyone returning to sport following an injury

Contact us on 02 9890 2444 to make a booking.


Additional Services – FMS Testing

The Functional Movement Screen, is a system to rank, grade and document movement patterns that are the key to normal function. It allows identification of functional limitations and asymmetries, which may impact on the effectiveness of training and physical conditioning, and predispose people to injuries.

Once only available to elite athletes, North Parramatta Physiotherapy is now offering FMS screening.

Duration: FMS screening takes one hour.
Frequency: An appointment may be made through reception.

  • A consistent and reliable testing method
  • Easily identifies movement limitations and dysfunction

Contact us on 02 9890 2444 to make a booking.