Pilates Programs

Pilates Programs

Pilates – Move with strength, power, vitality and ease

Pilates is an unparalleled whole body-conditioning program, it helps to build:

  • Flexibility
  • Muscle strength
  • Endurance throughout the whole body
  • Postural alignment
  • Core strength and stability (ideal for those wanting to get on top of any back pain or ongoing spinal injury)
  • Healthy breathing patterns and
  • Improved coordination

Our individualised programs are specifically designed for each person by a qualified physiotherapist who understands your requirements and any restrictions due to current or past injury. You will under go a thorough assessment and be prescribed an individualised program to ensure your personal goals are being met.

At The North Parramatta Physiotherapy Pilates Studio we ensure you are totally prepared for your program so that precise body movements for safe, effective and fun Pilates practice takes place.

The variety of programs we offer are:

  • gentle enough for the pregnant women or
  • starting a safe prescribed exercise program such as for cancer rehabilitation or those
  • recovering from injury and
  • may be structured to be challenging enough to make an impact for the elite athlete.

If you want to move with strength, flexibility, power, vitality and ease, book today.

Full Body Conditioning in a fun vibrant environment

Along with our individualized programs we also offer class options in a safe effective fun environment to meet everybody’s needs.

Our class options meet everybody’s needs

  • Reformer Pilates
  • Rehabilitative Pilates for healthy movement with strength and power to enjoy healthy lifestyle
  • Total body conditioning and toning
  • Pre and postnatal exercise programs.

When working in our North Parramatta studio you will have the benefit of working in either one-on-one sessions or a small, highly supervised class with our physiotherapists and professional instructors, ensuring you work effectively and safely, to obtain the most out of every session. If this sound like you Book now!

Our studios are comprehensively equipped with Pilates Reformers and a trapeze bed. We combine traditional Pilates with our clinical knowledge and our strength and conditioning expertise to ensure each session obtains maximal effectiveness.

The different equipment allows your session whether it is a personal one-on-one session or a class to be adapted to your needs and capacity so that you’ll always be challenged and so never be bored.

For a healthy fit and fulfilling life do not hesitate to give one of our friendly staff a members call on 98902444 for North Parramatta or 96043122 for Westfields Sports High School. We look forward to seeing you soon.